Firefly Backpack

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4light’s Firefly backpack, equipped with brilliant LED lights, is visible in all directions. FireFly has many compartments for different purposes.

The feeling of safety is maximized when carrying a Firefly with LED lights. Firefly can be used by everyone for improving vision and visibilty both day and night. To further increase visibility and for back up Firefly is equipped with reflective tapes.

The Firefly battery module is of the same kind as a mobile phone powerbank with a USB plug. Hence, the 4light Firefly has an unlimited time of operation with the use of extra battery modules.

Delivery time 2-3 days.


There are five groups of LED lights:

  • 2 white and orange LED stripes in the front. The white LED lights illuminate a semicircle in front of the user.
  • 2 orange LED stripes on the sides
  • 1 red LED stripe in the back

To power the LED lights a rechargeable lithium ion 2600 mAh, 5VDC/1A power bank is uesd. It is sup­plied with the product as a standard.

The backpack major compartment volume is 10 liters. Except for this compartment it has four smaller poc­kets: Two for water bottles, one open pocket and one with a zipper for smaller items. The total volume is approximately 13 liters. The maximum carrying capacity is about 20 kg.

Outer dimensions:

  • Hight is 52 cm
  • Width at waist is 48 cm
  • Width at the shoulder is 30 cm


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