FireDry Orange

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Firedry is a nicely designed, waterproof and brilliant backpack! The smartly positioned LED illumination makes you visible to others. The white illumination on the shoulder straps also gives you work lighting, if you need to unlock your bike lock in darkness or look for the key you have just lost.

The lighting is powered by a supplied rechargeable power bank with a running time of about 4 hours. To light the light on and off, there is an On / Off switch on the shoulder strap.

Article number: 40502

Lighting: 4light Flexi LED

Battery: Std powerbank 5VDC / 2A, 5200mAh

Volume: 20 liters

Height: 68cm

Width bottom: 27cm

Width top: 40cm

Weight: 1115g

Material: PVC

Color: Black with orange sides