With Firefly Backpack you increase your visibility greatly from all directions, at the same time carrying a light source with you. A cyclist with Firefly will manage very well in the dark, even without bike lights.

Firefly features orange LEDs at the sides, red LEDs in the rear and white LEDs in the front. It uses a practical rechargeable power pack with USB connectors of the same type as you use for a mobile phone.

Delivery about 2-3 days

999 :- sek incl. sales tax 

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With the Biker harness you do not need some light on you to be seen – as is the case with a reflective vest. The harness is easy to use, and may be active for up to 36 hours before recharging.

The LED lights of Biker are wirelessly connected to the vehicle electronics. When you use the turn indicators of the vehicle, the appropriate shoulder LEDs will flash. When you break, the red rear LEDs will flash.

The white LEDs in front increase your visibility greatly when approaching a car from behind. At the same time, the front LEDs illuminates the area immediately in front of you.

3 699 sek incl. sales tax

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Increase your visibility

With the 4light harness you will be more visible in the dark, and even in daylight. The harness is available in different versions and sizes, and can be adapted to different needs.

Illuminated work area

The white LEDs illuminate your work area and enable hands-free work. The white LEDs also enhance your colour vision compared to ordinary torch light.

Wireless Technology

4light Biker uses a wireless connection to the signal electronics of your vehicle, via a module installed in the vehicle. When the turn signals are activated, the harness are also flashing.

Lasts up to 36 hours

A fully charged battery last up to 36 hours, and may be recharged up to 1000 times.  The battery will perform in both cold and hot weather. A battery charger is included.